Our Certifications

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ISO 9001:2015 ISO 17025:2017


Our Team

At our shop, generational diversity and years of experience result in an excelled manufacturing environment. Our team's combined years in the machining, fixture building, and tubing industries bring a broad base of knowledge to all the work we do. Each team member has a high regard to quality, and understands the customer’s needs.

The Northtech team brings its experience to its expanding CNC machining services. We have fourth axis capability, we have done 3D machining, fittings, flanges, tool packages, machine components, and all sorts of CNC machined parts. There isn’t anything much more gratifying than taking a part from a print or a model and manufacturing it.


Our Experience

Since 2005, Northech's Trevor Blamer has been rising in the filed of manufacturing, gaining years of experience that he brings to each customer's job.

Blamer started in a screw machine shop, then worked his way up to a career in the automotive tubing industry, where he operated bender and cutting equipment. He operated massive industrial machinery, and also learned to do maintenance and repair. In the maintenance department of a high production tubing facility, "my tasks ranged from working on hydraulic and pneumatic systems, setting up presses to produce various types of end forms, troubleshooting power and hand bending equipment; building tools, fixtures and all types of support tooling that the shop needed," he says. Blamer soon became head of the department.

Blamer's then-boss bought a CNC mill. Blamer says, "I was hooked and amazed how these machines ran and what I could do with them."

From the time he did manual machining running the old Acme Gridley's, to his work programing CNC in Mastercam, "I have always had a desire to understand how things work and what makes them tick. I have always had a knack for fixing things and diagnosing problems," Northtech's Trevor Blamer says.


Our Knowledge

The Northtech team members are devoted to all aspects of what Blamer calls their "adventure in CNC machining."

Our team knows how to get the job done in all methods of CNC machining and part processing, from basic mill and lathe work to the programming of complex pieces, in all types of materials, with an array of tools.

And the education for Northech's staff never stops. They keep pace with an industry that's ever-changing with technology and the expanding capabilities of machine tools, Blamer says. "I believe your education and training never ends in manufacturing — you can always learn something from someone or something!"